Sherwin Family Vineyard – Napa Winery

One of our favorite vineyards in the Napa Valley area is up in Spring Mountain. Sherwin Family Vineyards is a small winery, by appointment only, that offers an intimate experience in a beautiful setting. I love how the caretaker for the property knows how to provide enough story & details to get you interested, but knows when to walk away and let you enjoy your tasting alone. Very few places have mastered this art of hosting!

They are known for their Estate Cabernet, hand dipped like a Makers Mark bottle in red wax. It seriously is some of the best Cabernet I’ve ever had.

They also make a fun “mixed” wine called “Cellars Scraps” which takes the “leftover” wine from all the wine production into a great bottle of wine. Trust me, the description does NOT do it justice. But like any blended wine, this is taking the best of the best to form a great (and affordable) blended wine. We usually take SEVERAL of these home – with their signature dipped bottle!

The property itself sits pretty high up on the mountain. Give yourself plenty of time to get there – the GPS isn’t always the most accurate! You’ll have to resort back to reading street signs and trusting your gut. But the views are worth it!

The past couple of times we visited, we stop at The Model Bakery in downtown St. Helena on our way to pick up some picnic supplies. We love the baguette with ham & gruyere & sweet butter!! You can take it out onto the terrace and enjoy through the wine tasting.

If you visit Napa Valley, be sure to stop by Sherwin Family Vineyard – it’s seriously such a cute, intimate experience you won’t get in the downtown area!!

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