And then there were 4…

Exciting news here at the Murphy household! Kyle & I are thrilled to share we will be adding another little one this spring! I’ll save more for another post, but it’s amazing how even the second time around, you just get completely wiped out that first trimester! I had the best intentions of keeping up with the blog, but when the choice between sleep and blogging came up…I always chose sleep!

Luckily, we are a few weeks into the second trimester, so things seem to be settling down again. I’ll be periodically updating the blog with some updates on how this pregnancy is progressing!!

Baby Size: Navel Orange

I’m Feeling: Pretty much like normal, finally!! I’m still exhausted, but honestly can’t tell if that’s from the 2 year old or the pregnancy. I’m also super emotional, which again is nothing new…

Food Love: Grilled cheese – I could (and did for a few weeks there….) eat one every day. I also love Honeycrisp apples. They really help me cut through the nausea!

Food Hate: Unfortunately, almost everything. I don’t have many cravings, but I sure get the aversions! Nothing ever sounds good anymore – it’s made meal planning pretty disastrous around this house. We end up eating out or eating whatever we can scrape together…Really trying to work on this one!!

Looking Forward To: The holidays!!! Last pregnancy, I found out about Aidan over Thanksgiving so had to keep it a secret through the holidays. Now, not only will it be a great distraction, but we’ll know the gender before Christmas! It’ll make the second trimester fly by I’m sure!

Currently Living In: I had the BEST maternity jeans from my last pregnancy that I wear daily (totally worth the splurge if you plan to have more than one baby!)…and also bought these maternity support leggings – that are more the material of tights, but so fantastic!! I’ll post more later, but I’ve done much better this round getting solid staples from brands like ASOS & Gap.

3 Pros of October: 

BEST HUSBAND EVER – Kyle’s always been a great caretaker, but he’s really stepped up his game this month. He’ll take Aidan off my hands so I can rest, or clean up the house, or run some errands so I can just relax. I don’t know what I’d do without him!

THROUGH THE FIRST TRIMESTER –  I mean, this is pretty much self-explanatory…it’s so weird to me that such a shift can occur from week 12 to week 14…but hey, no complaints here! I may even eat normal meals again!

REST – This has to be on the list. I’ve slept so much in October. Luckily, we have a pretty good sleeper for a toddler who gets a solid 11 hours, and I must say, I usually try to mirror his schedule. On the weekends, we sleep those 11 hours then both nap for 2 hours during the day. I know from experience you can’t “store” sleep for those first few weeks with a newborn, but hey…try & stop me from trying!

3 Cons of October: 

SICKNESS (like, the stomach bug variety) for all of us! Kyle got sick first and then me and let me tell you – the stomach bug is NEVER fun, much less when you’re pregnant. It was also scary because the whole time I couldn’t help but be terrified about losing the baby. Aidan somehow never got it, but he’s been battling a cold all week as we enter the dreaded flu season at daycare.

NIGHTMARES – I had these with Aidan, too…I just have bad dreams all the time…it’s definitely not fun…I’ve read articles about vivid dreams during pregnancy and it’s such a weird thing!

FATIGUE – I normally LOVE October and all that you can do, and I hate to admit we really didn’t take advantage of the last few weeks of nice weather. Looking back, I wish I would’ve sucked it up!!! But man, my bed is comfy!

*also – the pregnancy announcement template is from Etsy! You just send your ultrasound photo & due date and they can customize a calendar/background for you!

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