The Lab Coffee – Tampa, FL

As many of you who frequent the blog often know, I am on a quest to find the best coffee shops in America. Since the Daily Meal’s 2013 list of Best Coffee Shops in America was released, I’ve made an attempt to visit as many of the 33 as I can (unfortunately, some have closed!!!). While I travel for work, I scout out the best shops in the area, and can usually convince my fellow co-workers to trust me enough to check new places out.

On my most recent work trip to Tampa, FL, we had an awkward two hours before we needed to get to the airport for our flight home. Located not too far from the airport (so perfect for anyone traveling in & out of Tampa!) is a coffee shop called The Lab. I must admit, it was in a little bit of a dicey area, or at least seemed that way….but I’ve yet to let my coworkers down so we kept going.

Sure enough, The Lab is the cutest little coffee shop! It’s pretty small, modern & straight forward. There is a limited food selection (think basic pastries & yogurts) but REALLY good coffee. There are only a few tables, so if you plan to work there like we did, I recommend going at non-peak hours. We lucked out and found a table, but couldn’t plug in. That’s probably my biggest complaint about coffee shops – lack of electrical outlets – I mean, isn’t that usually like 80% of the reason people go? And stay & spend more money? They have to have access to power!!

Overall, I’d highly recommend checking it out! It seemed to be one of few true espresso bars with high quality coffee drinks.

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