Best Morning Sickness Remedies

In full transparency, I’m one of the lucky ones. My morning sickness has always been relatively light & manageable. I’ve heard horror stories, and I’m so thankful that I only get the standard queasiness and nausea. BUT, I’ve learned some great techniques and found some great products that can help you get through any day.

Eat Whatever Sounds Good

How’s that for earth-shattering advice? Were you expecting the typical: Eat small meals throughout the day. Avoid sugar. Drink tons of water. Sure, you go into pregnancy with the best of intentions – and then reality hits. I ate a grilled cheese every night for like 10 days in a row. My poor husband would ask what was for dinner and I’d just say – whatever you can find, I’m having grilled cheese again. And you know what…it made me get through the day.

There is no magic meal plan for your first trimester (trust me, I’ve looked and tried!). Everyone’s version of morning sickness looks different, too so what sounds great to you, sounds absolutely horrible to someone else.

While I’m no doctor, and please consult your doctor before trying any “home remedies”, my doctor did tell me that for the first trimester you want to eat the best you can (i.e. healthy, whole foods) but honestly, as long as you take a prenatal vitamin your baby is getting all the nutrients it needs.

Prenatal Vitamin

Which leads me to the prenatal vitamin! I’ve tried quite a few, and the only one that actually didn’t hurt my stomach during pregnancy was the Nature Made Prenatal Vitamins. I think it’s because the fillers are all natural it didn’t upset me when my stomach tried to break it down. It has 200mg of DHA, too which is a great bonus.

A prenatal vitamin is perfect for all women, I would say regardless of whether you’re close to having kids, not even married, or just had kids. It’s just an all around great vitamin supplement!! And what it does for your hair & nails…can’t beat it!

Some “Home Remedies”

All things GINGER: Ginger Ale, Ginger Drops, Ginger Gum, or Ginger Tea (this one, this one or this one).

Sea Bands my husband actually uses them for travel (they come in a neutral grey/non “pregnancy” branded kind). They use acupressure by applying pressure to a certain part of your wrist which alleviates the nausea. Bonus – great for travel, too!

Sleep – yep, that’s my version of a home remedy. Sleep it off if you can! If this is baby #1 you are SO LUCKY you don’t have to chase a toddler around. Being able to come home and just nap was a lifesaver. I dream of those days…so use them! Try a sleep mask for a deep slumber.

Carbs – saltines, peanut butter crackers, bagels, toast…super healthy, I know..but it works!



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