Toddler Boy Fall Fashion Finds

Aidan turned 2 in August, and it has opened up a whole new world in the clothing department! Now that we’re officially leaving the “baby” clothes stage, there are several more brands available to choose from. Each season, I typically refresh his wardrobe – out of both desire and necessity. When do kids get to be like us where the same pair of jeans they wore last fall fit next fall? When they’re 18?!?

My favorite brands have, and continue to be: Hanna Andersson, Boden, Old Navy, J.Crew & Baby GapNordstrom also has a great selection with a variety of brands. I usually buy Aidan a ton of clothes during their big sales, and it’s usually spent on things like shoes or winter jackets! I like to invest in the bigger pieces that will get a ton of wear and then spend little on the everyday staples like shirts and pants. I’ve also become a huge fan of Target’s Cat & Jack line – it’s perfect for daycare days!!

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