Gift Guide: Amazon Prime – there’s still time!

With only a few days until Christmas, your best bet to avoid the craziness of the stores is to shop Amazon Prime!! If you buy today, you’ll still have a day to wrap – nothing like procrastination, am I right?? We absolutely love having a Prime membership (if you don’t have Prime, now’s the best time to do a 30-day FREE TRIAL!), and while we need to do better taking advantage of all the extra offerings (like movies, Dash buttons, our Alexa, etc.), the free 2-day shipping is totally worth every penny of a membership!

Alexa – admittedly we do not use our Echo dot to its fullest potential, but there are people who swear by it! The best part to me is that it is ever-evolving and updating with new & improved features. I know if we spent more time syncing up our apps and programming her a little better, we’d love to use her more. We recently stayed at a hotel in Chicago that had an Echo dot in each room – you could tell Alexa to have your room cleaned or bring up any missing toiletries! It was pretty awesome. Also, good tip – you don’t need the full blown Alexa ($79.99)…the Echo dot ($29.99) works just the same and is smaller & more affordable if you’re still on the fence.

Doterra Petal Oil Diffuser – I’m brand new to essential oils, so I added this to my Christmas list! There’s also an introductory kit you can get with the top 3 oils! I’ve heard it’s addicting!!

Instant Pot – these are all the rage right now! It’s like a Crock Pot but hours faster!

Winter Reading Material: I love getting Elin Hildebrand’s newest “Winter Street” book (this year is “Winter Solstice“). Other good books to look into: “Wonder“, “Of Mess & Moxie“, “52 Lists of Happiness and “Eat Beautiful“.

Nest Thermostat – Kyle got one of these for his birthday and he’s obsessed. It’s the perfect gift for any guy! You can control it from an app on your phone (or with your new Alexa!) and it claims to save you a ton of money on your heating/electric bill. I love the looks of it, which is a major plus!

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