2017 Year In Review

I didn’t get around to putting out a Christmas card this year – so much going on personally & professionally that we never found the time to take family photos! Instead, I thought this post would be a fun way to look back on 2017 & share some of our progress we’ve made.

Aidan’s 2017 Milestones

  • First soccer practice – dad was so proud
  • Dropped the pacifier – woohoo!!!
  • Peed & poo’ed in the big boy potty (although potty training won’t officially happen until 2018)
  • Napped in his new big boy bed!
  • Developed his love for Butler University – from attending his first Homecoming to a regular non-conference basketball fan (he won’t be invited once conference play starts…), this kid already knows the Butler War Song (and makes us play it on REPEAT). He’s obsessed with all things “bulldog” and wants to watch them “shoot hoops”.
  • Completed his 24th flight, more than some people ever do in a lifetime. His frequent flyer status has him in love with airplanes which was his 2nd birthday party theme!


My work/personal travel gets a little crazy. In 2017, we’ve so far stayed 105 nights at a Marriott this year. The perk to the travel are the points that allow us to go to places like Napa and stay at a resort all for free. The down fall is the exhaustion & complexity it adds to our family dynamic. Here’s just a brief recap (not even the full list!) of where I’ve been this year!

  • Jan = Florida (work)
  • Feb = Florida (pleasure)
  • March = Ohio (wedding)
  • April = Illinois (Easter!)
  • May =Napa (only the best place ever) – some of my fave posts here, here, & here
  • June = Massachusetts (Boston & Cape Cod)
  • July = Michigan (family time)
  • August = Oregon, Michigan & Idaho
  • September = Chicago
  • October = Florida & Atlanta
  • November = Charlotte, Michigan & Atlanta
  • December = Chicago & Michigan

New Arrival

Since August we’ve been prepping for our new arrival joining us in April 2018! Aidan is excited to have a little brother to grow up with! This pregnancy has gone by so fast, it’s hard to believe I’m 6 months pregnant. I will admit that it’s a little harder round 2 on multiple fronts.

First, I miss the days I could come home from work and just sit in front of the TV for hours to relax. Or go to bed at 7PM. Second, your body quickly remembers that last time you were pregnant, and decides to show super early. I swear I had already “popped” at like 14 weeks. Compared to after 20 weeks with Aidan. Weirdly, it’s not a weight gain thing (so that at least is making me less anxious about post-baby body) but with it all, I feel like my back has hurt worse & earlier and I’m starting to move around slower and slower.

It’s also a little weird because unlike the first time where you have showers & do a ton of baby shopping or at least nesting, we thankfully already have majority of the baby’s things. Our biggest challenge right now is getting Aidan to a place that he can move rooms so we can put his little brother in his current room.


My “9 to 5” has changed a lot in 2017. I’ve gone through (and survived) a pretty big merger. It’s been a lot of travel to Atlanta (ironically located literally 2 miles from my brother’s house which is an added perk!) and throughout the US for customer appointments. While I love to travel to places like Portland, OR, Boise ID, Tampa, FL, and Charlotte, NC…it can be pretty exhausting balancing it all with a 2-year old at home. I’m looking forward to the break that will come as I enter my third trimester and go on maternity leave (although I know I’ll miss some of the trips!).

On the personal front for “fun work jobs”, I started selling Lipsense which has been a really fun way to stay close with my sister-in-law and also have a personal outlet for my entrepreneurial spirit. I have some aggressive goals for 2018 so appreciate all the words of encouragement as I look to grow this area more and more.

I also have been getting better on the blogging front. With all that travel I mentioned, life with a 2-year old, 6 months pregnant, and a full-time job, it’s hard to find the time to blog. But I love it so much. And while it may not pay the bills, it gives me a creative outlet & space to share & grow my passions. Whether 5 people follow or 500,000!

I bought Lara Casey’s Power Sheets and am excited to finish filling it out over Christmas vacation to really work on my 2018 goal setting. I’ll be sharing my goals over the next few weeks to help with accountability and encourage others who may be setting their own aggressive goals.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas (Aidan’s been very excited to have a birthday party for Jesus with cookies…) and a wonderful start to 2018!!


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