My 2018 Goals & My Word for the Year!

I’ve grown up a fairly goal-oriented person. As an avid cross-country runner throughout middle school, high school, and even one year in college, mental toughness and setting/achieving goals has shaped who I am today. It’s natural then that I love this time of year. With new year’s resolutions and the hope of starting fresh upon us, I love taking time to evaluate where I’m at and where I want to go.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m by no means the best at the follow through. I’m known to set a ton of goals, and achieve half. But you know what? That’s half more progress than I likely would have made with no goals at all!

I’m (naively) optimistic that 2018 will really be a life-changing year for me and my family. Of course the obvious – a new little one joining us in the spring!! But the not so obvious goals – like focusing on my health, getting into a better mental space through work/life balance, and really prioritizing the time and energy on things that bring me joy.

As I look to grow my blog in 2018, I invested in Lara Casey’s “PowerSheets“. I have to tell you – best purchase so far! This is by no means sponsored, I have genuinely loved spending the time filling it out and probing into the “why” behind what makes me happy and where I have opportunities to improve.

The PowerSheets are not your planner. Instead, the PowerSheets should help guide you as to WHAT your should be filling your time with. So in essence, you first work to understand HOW you want to spend your time, and then you use a planner to FILL in the time appropriately. Letting go of the activities that don’t help you reach your goals or prove to be otherwise worthwhile. For the past several years, I’ve used a Day Designer. But this year, I decided to slim down and get more focused. I chose the Commit30 planner because like the PowerSheets, it helps you achieve your goals. Each month, you choose one goal and commit to working on that goal for 30 days. You even can choose a reward if you are successful in working on your goal each day.

A goal could be to read before bed, spend an hour uninterrupted with your little one, or complete a Whole30 health challenge. The point is to choose ONE goal and stick to it for 30 days.

My word for the year is: 

As I wrote all of my goals and parts of my life that I want to let go, it became very clear that currently I don’t live a very intentional life. Everything I do is for a purpose, sure, but I am not as careful with my time, money or energy as I want to be. While I’m not ready to share all of my goals publicly, I want to begin sharing and holding myself accountable (and sharing the ups & downs!). So without further ado, in no particular order, here are my goals for 2018!

  • Go to church – once Aidan hit “stranger danger” mode, it was easy to use that as an excuse not to go. It has been missing in our lives and quite frankly is a habit we want Aidan to see us commit to so it becomes natural for him as he grows
  • Spend at least 1 hour a day fully engaged with each kid – yep, already planning for #2 to arrive! Is it depressing that my goal is only 1 hour? I almost cried when I wrote it down because it’s true. We spend more than an hour a day together don’t get me wrong. But fully engaged? Meaning – no phone, no TV, no distraction? Yeah, that doesn’t happen. Should my goal be 2 hours? 3 hours? Maybe – but have to start somewhere!
  • Go abroad – I love the idea of going abroad every other year. In 2014, we went to Brazil, in 2016 we went to Ireland, and in 2018 I want to go somewhere. We have tentative plans to go to Switzerland with my parents in October, but a lot of that will depend on where life takes us this year. If not Switzerland, I want to go somewhere abroad – whether tropical, close like Canada, or another European getaway, I want to prioritize travel with my family. I believe the exposure to other cultures, places, and people is very important for my kids. Especially growing up in a very non-diverse city like Noblesville, IN.
  • Get healthy – Obviously this goal is focused post-baby, but until then, I want to focus on my overall health in 2018. Kyle & I commit to do a Whole30 in January to kick off the year. I also want to get in physical shape and hit my ideal weight.
  • Continue to grow my Lipsense business – I started selling Lipsense in Spring of 2017 and have really enjoyed the outlet to flex my entrepreneurial muscle. For 2018, I really want to make strides here and grow this into a sustainable secondary income!
  • Grow the blog – through monetization & following, but also through my own technical skills. I’m excited to focus more of my energy in 2018 on growing theamgrind and thankful to all of you for following along! As always – leave me comments on how I can best tailor my content for YOU!
  • Have fun! I want to be intentional about making our lives fun – whether through more games, activities, laughter or exploring. I want to make a concerted effort to look back at 2018 and say it was our most fun year yet!

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