Brunch in Chicago – Blue Door Farm Stand

Kyle & I love Chicago. We lived in Lincoln Park neighborhood for almost 2 years post-college, and love taking every opportunity we can to get back. Luckily, we’re only a 3 hour drive away which makes it a fairly doable trip – even with a little one in tow!

For the past 2 years, we have gone with friends in December for an “adult getaway”. We try to go to a nice dinner, enjoy a show, and go to all the restaurants you actually want to spend more than 30 minutes in (who else has a 2 year old????).

When we were living in Lincoln Park, a new restaurant opened up on Armitage Ave – Blue Door Farm Stand. It was a pretty small space, but the food was incredible – farm to table style. We noticed the last trip in 2016 we took, they had relocated around the corned on Halsted to a bigger space. I was dying to check it out!

We went on a Friday at 10:30AM which was the perfect time to go – it was pretty empty and we were seated right away. My only regret is that I believe the traditional brunch menu is served weekends only (so typical), but they did have a decent variety of “breakfast” options with lunch options given the time of day.

As always, we shared a few plates – I love to have sweet with the savory! We started with cheese curds, because you know…we’re so close to Wisconsin…and fresh fruit. I’m not lying when I say that fresh fruit was incredible. Maybe because it was December and Indiana is not known for its fresh local produce in winter time, but either way it was perfection. The cheese curds did not disappoint either! We devoured them in about 5 minutes, much to the humor of our waiter.

For our actual meal, Kyle decided to get the grilled cheese and tomato soup (it was like 10 degrees outside) and I got the buttermilk pancakes (insider tip: I asked to add pecans & chocolate chips and they were happy to oblige!). It was all so good. The space is adorable, too. It feels like you’re in an old farmhouse with the exposed beams and antique lighting. It was a bonus to come at Christmas with all the beautiful decorations up as well!

I highly recommend checking this out for brunch or lunch next time you’re in the Chicagoland area!

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