Cookie Decorating with a Toddler

I know Christmas is over, but I was going back through photos and wanted to share some from our time decorating cookies as a family! One of my friends sells cookie decorating kits for $20 over the holidays that comes with 12 of the best sugar cookies cut into a variety of festive shapes, 3 colors of icing, and 2 different types of sugar. It takes all the stress out of the preparing part so you can just focus on the decorating!!

Aidan LOVED helping – really, he just loved scooping handfuls of sprinkles and dumping them on the cookies…And of course, he loved eating them, too!

If you have little ones, I highly recommend doing the prep in advance to make the decorating stress free. It is super convenient for me that I have a friend who supplies all the ingredients, but you could always do the Pillsbury break & beak and put your own canned frosting into Ziploc bags with some food coloring!

This is a perfect activity to do throughout the year, too! For Valentine’s Day coming up, someone’s birthday, a neighborhood get-together…whatever! The key is to know, at least for my child, toddler attention spans are very short, so having everything prepared in advance is crucial to making this an enjoyable project!

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