Marshmallow Latte – Big Shoulders Coffee

On our last trip to Chicago, I searched in advance for the best coffee shops in the area. Of course the list is SUPER long, but fortunately Kyle & I have already visited so many. The one that stuck out (it being December and all…) was Big Shoulders Coffee in West Loop. Specifically, its Marshmallow Latte.

Now, in full transparency, I was foolish and didn’t think it’d be a super sweet drink. Which is nuts, because it’s a MARSHMALLOW latte….but I mean, can you pass up a drink that comes with its own toasted marshmallow?

Plus, the atmosphere was super laid back & perfect for Kyle & I to spend a few hours getting work done. Him, on his 9-5, and me on my blog! I love getting out of the house to perk up my creativity. It is a pretty small space, so I’d recommend avoiding peak hours – we were lucky to stop in the morning on a Friday. It has a big monitor with the train schedule, so I’m sure it’s usually pretty busy during rush hour.

Some of our other favorite coffee shops in Chicago are: Dollop, The Wormhole, City Grounds, & Intellegentsia!

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