My New Favorite CC Cream

Guys! I just found the BEST CC Cream ever!!!! I typically wear a pretty heavy foundation. I’ve been back & forth between Dior & Bobbi Brown for quite a while, with honestly no complaints. However, I recently discovered It Cosmetics CC Cream and several beauty bloggers who RAVE about it. What I love about a CC Cream is that it’s really an all-in-one. The “CC” stands for color correcting, and as you can see in my “before” photo, I have some rosiness in my cheeks, dark circles, and some dark spots that I try to cover & smooth out.

I also love that a CC Cream is pretty much all you need. You can of course (and I do) add bronzer, highlighter, blush to finish it out, but honestly on the days you just need to look a little bit less tired (don’t we all…), you can just put it on and go.

I mean, in literally 2 minutes I went from “before” to “after”. Imagine if I spent 10 minutes getting ready??? You wouldn’t even recognize me!

I’m wearing the shade, Light, which blended in well with my pretty pale skin but added a little bit of tan color without looking out of place. I usually add some bronzer (Hoola) and concealer (Nars) for highlighter to finish up my “base” on my face. From there you can add blush & finish your eyes/lips to make this go from day to night pretty easily.

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